Hi, I’m beth!

I spent a lot of my life just hating it. I spent years of my life depressed, anxious, hating myself and suicidal. There were so many times when honestly I didn’t even know how I could go on. I tried so many different things in an effort to feel the freedom and happiness I truly desired.

When I was 18, I started to travel by myself. I used my savings to travel to various countries, and worked in China as an english teacher. After a year working as a teacher, I was in the worst place I had ever been in my life and so I decided to go home again. For the next few years I spent time between studying, saving up money to travel and then, when I could, actually travelling. Over time, I still had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, but I thought I had enough saved up that I could travel and volunteer while learning Spanish in Guatemala.

I spent the next year in Guatemala studying Spanish and working various jobs that included english teaching, hostel management and working at bars and restaurants. While I totally loved that, I still didn’t feel fulfilled and still desired more freedom. I wasn’t enjoying working these jobs that didn’t pay me well either. I didn’t feel like I was truly living up to my potential. I also didn’t enjoy having to worry all the time about money and still not having the freedom I truly desired.

In 2016 I moved to Medellin, Colombia and started working online for myself! It was my intention to continue moving around but I loved Medellin so much that I ended up calling it home for the next 3 years! Over the course of 2016, I found something I loved and finally, for the first time in over a decade I no longer felt depressed. I had started to love my life and myself!

Since then, I have grown so much! Now, at 28 years old, I finally feel like I have the freedom I always desired! I currently move around from country to country with my husband and our two cats, usually staying in each country for 3-6 months. I continue to run my own business that generates income to support both my partner and I, AND allows me to take 3-4 months a year off from work completely (yeah, I know, you want that too, right?)! I feel incredibly grateful and excited for my future every single day.

Now I want to help others like myself to have the life of location independence and freedom that I always dreamed of! I am OBSESSED with mindset, NLP and woo! It is my passion to teach millennial women like yourself how to use the power of your mind to have the confidence you need to get yourself out there and create the life of freedom you truly desire!